Q: How'ed the idea of GRH hit you guys?
A: the four of us, along with the school Librarian, and two guys were in the comic book club, that is, stocking our library with a selection of comic books to encourage the disabled kids to read...Somehow, the subject of a school comic for the school paper came up. After a few days of discussion, the characters were chosen, and the plot (heh..plot...funny) set up and voila. Neo did the first few comics, and one of the girls was supposed to send three strips to the editor of the paper, but she didn't, and as such, GRH was just in one issue (along with a misspelled name, and impropper credit, which was later rectified)

Q: How'ed you come up with the name?
A: Our school had the word River in it, most of us liked that, someone suggested "grave", and after some tonguetying, the librarian came up with "GraveRiver High", so, technically the name belongs to her, no matter what others might say.

Q:Who are you guys?
A: Well, we were four girls in highschool, now we're two girls in college. Q and *NeoFox*.

Q: who created who?
A: Q created Syrin, Hecate Lycant and Siti Kesi, Neo Created Horny, Crussifix, Faerie Princess principal, No armed Hommie, and CorySilverNaga. Kat-chan created Bree-Anne and Kate, and Atheris created PSynn and Eve.

Q: What happened to the other two girls?
A: One moved away, the other lost interest.

Q: Who's "Bill"?
A: Bill is GRH's best, brightest and first fan! As such, he's aquired his own personal ranking in GRH. Everyone bow down to Bill!

Q: Do you two do any other things besides GRH?
A: yep. a list of stuff we do can be found in the about us section

Q: Since the two girls are gone, that means you have two free spots for a partner! Can I be part of the GRH Crew?!
A: No.

Q:Aw, ok then, can My character Jizz be in the comic? He's a gangsta pegasus and He wears a puffy blue jacket and has a bandana that reads "DJ Jazzy Jizz" on it in white bubble letters. He's pale black..which is grey, I guess, and He has silver wings and could kick Crussifix's ass and Horny's ass and Hecate and Kate and Bree and Siti fight over him all the ti-
A: whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa! Hush, Dude. Stop right there. The answer is a resounding NO! We don't do cameo comics unless we're large fans, or its especially funny. We don't allow it for even our closest friends. We don't accept Fan GRH characters, unless they're extreamly well done (AKA Never), and

Q: alright...well, can I submit fanart?
A: Course. send it to with the subject "GRH fanart". It must have all the copyright info on it, and both your and GRH's url. Same applies for guest comics.

Q: what about fanfics?
A: yeah, if they ONLY have GRH characters in them.again, email them with the subject "GRH Fic", and have a disclaimer .

Q: OK! topic change. What's Crussifix's real name?
A: heh. riiiiiiight.

Q: are Crussifix and Hecate Ever gonna get together?
A: wait and see.

Q: how bout Horny and Syrin. I bet Syrin is great in bed!
A: this sounds like it was written by Dopp...wait and see.

Q: I REALLY want a hat that reads "Horny", Will I ever get to buy GRH novlety items?
A: Maybe someday. At the moment, we're a bit squeamish selling GRH, however, if you're lucky enough to spot us in the Vancouver Comicon or something equilly commercial, you may be in luck, as GRH prints MAY be on sale...perhaps. No promises.

Q: Kickass! What do you two look like?! How will I find you.
A: Don't look for us, look for GRH characters on a booth, or the names Q and *NeoFox*

Q: I have a theory. Neo and Q don't really exist, nore did those other actuality, GRH is made by one devine creature called "Symphony"

Q: Another topic change. Why are the updates so sporatic?
A: Q and Neo do live in the real world and often are oblidged to partake in its ever ripe fruits. AKA: We're usually busy.

Q: On the subject of updates, the Cast page is outdated
A: You're correct! You get a cookie and a date with Symphony. That Symphony, man..that's one

Q: Why have you two become so irate?
A: because people are stupid.

Q: Can I use the username Corysilvernaga or Crussifix or Horny69? How about HecateLycant?
A: We'd prefer you didn't. That sort of thing makes us ill. If we find you doin' that kind of shit- we will track your name through the mud. If you wan't to spread the word of GRH, take a banner and link us!

Q: DUDE! The first comic has full frontal female nudity! Uncool! Think of the children!
A: Not all comics are for children. Is JtHM for kids? How bout Poison Elves? Hell, Even Loony Toons can be questionable. Yeah, it's good to entertain kids...GRH just isn't kid material. We ain't censoring the comics, Neo and Q believe that it's up to the parents to watch what their kids get into. Parent doesn't have time for that, they shouldn't have kids. Note: Before anyone says 'hey, it's not that easy', Neither Q nore Neo want kids, and thus, won't have to moniter them.'

Q: OMG!! CRUSS AND HORNY ARE SOOOOOOOO BISHI! I wAnT 2 5e><0RZZ ThEm!!11!!! WAI!*DroolslurpfuxorzgigglegiggleWAI :DDDDD!!!11*
A:...Go kill yourself. Right now. Just grab a gun and blow your brains out. Right now. Seriously.

Q: You were rude in your email! I'm gonna tell my friends to stop reading!!1!!
A: ....Alright.

Q: No, seriously, I am! You two are bitches! What are you taking in college huh?! A deploma in bitchyness?!
A:..Yes...Yes, that's exactly what we're taking. It's even taught by the world renouned bitch: Professor Bitchy McFuckin'bitchenheimer.

That concludes this bout of the FAQ.

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