Oct 26 /03 [7:17pm]
Neo this time giving all a shout out to say HEY! DUDE! EYE CONTACT! Yeap. Eye contact is good. Eye contact is friendly. Its like- eye contact. It tastes like pie. And we all love pie don't we! Exactly! Now go out there- and make eye contact with someone you love! Go on! At least five times a day! GO FORTH! And good luck!
*Msg from a Neo whose tired and hungry*

Oct 18 /03 10:30pm
*A Neo walks in and clears throat to try her best Q impression* Hello boys and girls! I've finally fell out of my artistic rut! (yes you can fall outa ruts now) Do you ever feel- not so fresh? Because once a month an EGG DIES to prove YOUR FERTILITY!! *SOB* THEY COULDA BEEN SOMEONE! Be fresh, stay free, use a tampon. ESPECIALLY you guys out there! Psh! Sick sick sick people.
This comic inspired by true events. Only the people, names and masticators have been changed to save lives.
*Msg from a Neo whose Q*

*Oct 08 2:34 pm*
The time knows how to count! There has been a lack of updates. Yeap. Q and I are booth in school. Busy. Yeap. But we've been writing Angel Idol. So that makes all better. Yeap. This comic has alot of text- so it should keep our fanbase busy. Yeap. Mhm.
*Msg from a Neo who likes fire and pie but craves vanilla coke more*

*Aug31 9:32pm* Well, what can I say. I want to kick the ass who made the worm virus severly in the nuts. Until he has chili in his pants. Alright, I fixed my computer ASAP when I found out I had the virus. I mean- c'mon every 10 secounds of loading up my comp and having it shut down again.. I knew something was wrong. Ok. So I followed the label box top- fixed it. Dandy. Fine. Now... my gparents comp... thats a whole NEW assrape. I had to go and reformat... then- when I got XP reinstalled- I opened explorer thinking that the firewall would automatically be up. NO! NO COURSE NOT! ... so I gave them the virus again. THE COMPUTER WOULDNT DOWNLOAD!!!! So... I couldn't get a virus scanner in. I couldn't install a proper virus scanner- and I couldn't download a update to kill the worm so I was screwed. I tried to burn a special virus scanner onto a CD. After installing and uninstalling at least 5 burner programs... I found out that since I badly installed XP into my computer that it said my E drive wasn't working. YEAP! It suddenly decided it didn't have a E drive. SO! I had a plan. I asked Q to send the virus programmer to me over msn on it (yes by some miracle I got msn to work on it). After several hours of fail fail fail- IT RECIEVED! and I KILLED THE FUCKER!! HORRAH!!!! *pantpantpant* Better now! *grin* The comp is still slow... and windows update is weird even on my comp. Yeap.
Who wants icecream?
*Msg from a Neo whose chill'n*

*Aug 25 1:41pm* If you haven't guessed Q and I have been having some... stupid problems with the fanbase. Its so stupid sometimes- it just hurts. REALLY hurts. Its funny cuz its true. So in catharthis we've created the GRH_Rant livejournal commuity. Its nothing pretty, nothing tangeble, just a cathartic place for Q and I to say how it is about GRH and its fandom. It will have swearing, slandering and whatnot- so don't read if you want to be offended. If you wish to post- make it adult and about GRH. NO Otaku-ism, l33t, text face ridden!!! This is a rant lj- not a babble pool fuck. As you were.
*Msg from a Neo who likes chilidogs*

Aug 10th 6:35pm
PIZZ! Running gag with Neo and I. hm. I don't think I've much to say.Nope.
*Msg from a hungry Q.*

July 25th 3:17pm
In other news...GRH got a rather odd, whiney email today demanding an update.
God people suck sometimes.
OH! Last update I was mentioning how I saw all of Hellsing and how I'd love to own it...well...I DO! I ROCK!.
This weeks comic is by me. I was bored. "Kick it in the face" is an expression Neo uses alot, so I had to use it^^.
Johnny Depp as a drag queen is on Showcase tonight ...Must watch! OZ IS OVER!! WEEP! WEEP FOR OZ! *Msg from a Q who Weeps for Oz*

June 09 6:06pm
Lesse...Have I much to say?
No. No I don't.
Finally saw all of Hellsing. Dear god I wish it wasn't so expensive, cause I really want it.
This weeks comic is by me. Nothing special. Yep.
*Msg from a Q who. . .can't think of anything witty to say.*

*June 03*
I AM GOD!!!!
*ahem* good. Now that -thats all said and done- heres a comic I've been waiting to put up in a long time. Not exactly strategic in plot or anything- its just NEAT! Whats up with me? well has been down FOREVER thusly keeping my own comic CrazyAngels down...Kaze nearly had a stress attack trying to get it back up. But it should be up in a few hours. Or so they say *rolls eyes*. Stress is GOD! I AM THAT GOD! *eats a soul pie*. Ya know- just to make it easier on you all- to see whats the main haps with me just voyeur yourself to my livejournal....that is if you can waid through all the random crap that might cause a SEE-shure or 5. Good. Done now. *saluuu*
*MSG from a Neo whose GOD!*

May 24 2003 2:28am
We've new fanart, unfortunately, I'm too busy and sleepy to update the art archive this week. Next time. If you want to see it, go t our LJ community
This weeks comic is by Q, and YES that's a real conversation between my nephew and I. Just replace "Gelfling" with "Squee".^-^;
Neo and I spent a good amount of time ranting about a certain webcomic artist today.
it was cathartic.
*Msg from Q who wants some sweet, sweet Alucard lovin'*

May 17 2003,
Keenspace hates me. So does bread. It eats me soul.
*Msg from a Neo whose....soul was eaten by BREAD!!*

May 12th 2:48pm
Well, Here is a comic. It's nothing against webcomics, I just wanted an excuse to use the God Cry punchline.
*Msg from a Q who wants to leave the stifeling confines of her house, therefore she will abduct Neo*

May 3rd 4:01pm
Did you get your free comics? I KNOW I did!
Neo and I lugged around 4 kids to do it. effort man, effort.
This comic was supposed to be up in time for X2's premire, but Neo and I watched a movie instead.
Enjoy the comic
*Msg from Q who's been thinking of a Darkness Movie, and Johnny Depp as Jackie Estacado^^;*

March 30th 3:25pm
A new comic by Q. I hate Avril.
More GRH art in Q's Art gallery.
uh..lesse...Angel Idol updated. Drew Hayes, creator of the comic book POISON ELVES, is very, very sick. further discussion about it is at my PE Livejournal community. if you're a fan of his work, if you love , Luze,Lirilith Fleece, and Parintachin as much as I do, please, keep Drew in your thoughts.
*Msg from a Q who's worried bout Drew*

March 16 2:11pm
Comp fucked up and reformating occured- thusly why grh hasn't been updated on its regular schedule. Q came in home enough to give me the ftp address so I could update. horrah! Yay! Its about time I got this comic up of Breanne.
*Msg from a Neo whose listening to the "I wanna be a homosexual" song and spent waaay to much time on LJ*

Feb 26 2003 8:34pm
Well, it was about time I got this comic up ^^; I drew it sometime after me and Q saw Hary Potter...that waaass...back in 2002 o.O. Q's off to LA with family so I'll be updating the next 3 weeks ^^ Uh....yeah!......YEAH!!!!! *skritches head* woo?
*msg from a Neo whose gonna miss Q >< *

Fri, Feb 14th 3:46 pm

Happy screwed up candy heart day. Crapsticks I hate this "holiday". I just find it so pointless.But to celebrate it, I'm drawing my Dark side with wings^^.
Neo and I have a new project! Angel Idol, where two strange Machines find eachother in a beautiful world
This weeks comic is by me, and is a continuation of last weeks.
*Msg from a Q whos STILL listening to Nick Cave, Jeeze!*

Fri, Feb 7th 3:57pm
So, how do you like the new layout? We're not quite finished, but nearly so. 

The Roll Call page will be updated soon, Neo just needs good pictures of Cory, and I need a decent one of Breeanne. . . . .Lesse, what else, what else?. . .OH! Tiggy made GRH its very own Livejournal community well, enjoy this weeks comic. It's the first in a two parter series.

(Msg from A Q who's STILL listening to a lot of Nick Cave *Moshes about to Saint Huck * "A-WAW-WAW-WAW-WOO! SAAAINT HUCK!")

Jan 27th 11:47pm
Well luvs, Hec finally gets her man. Ahh the wicked wiles of feminity. AH! And I've finally revamped the Library- putting the "books" in a nice neat order ^^ Now for the next thing that needs MAJOR updates! The ROLE CALL page!! HUZZAH! *does a lil dance* mmmmm isn't Boogiepop sexy? *wrinkles nose and brow skiggles*

*Msg from a Neo who's been drinking too much this week*

Jan 27th 11:47pm
Well luvs, Hec finally gets her man. Ahh the wicked wiles of feminity. AH! And I've finally revamped the Library- putting the "books" in a nice neat order ^^ Now for the next thing that needs MAJOR updates! The ROLE CALL page!! HUZZAH! *does a lil dance* mmmmm isn't Boogiepop sexy? *wrinkles nose and brow skiggles*
*Msg from a Neo who's been drinking too much this week*

Jan 17th 11:05pm
Major updates, my little Pumpkins: Please Welcome Siti Kesi to GRH! make her feel at home! The Guest comics page is UP, with four comics in it. Send more, SEND MORE!!! A small fanart by Reepi of Cory is in the gift art gallery. FWEEE!
(Msg from a Q whos listening to ALOT of Nick Cave)

Jan 10 2:29pm
Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed Stressed
New comic by Q. I'm moved now.
yay me. Time for Sailormoon!!
*Msg from Q who's Stressed*

Dec 16 [12:35]
HUZZAH! A month goes by and we present the end of the exams comics *nervious laugh* Well- uh. YAY! Damn....if it takes several buncha months to end this series of comics fear the Christmas strips. We'll be in June and we'll be on comic 3 of Santa going on a wild rampage giving cheesewedges to all the hommies. But faith fellow GRH fans- FAITH! GRH has been through rougher times- and its pulled through all the same ^_^ A merry christmas to you all- its creeped up on me all too fast. I still have to shop *eeps* But gay porn gets me through! God bless all and there is fake garlend and potted pointsettas in my house!
*Msg from a Neo whos taken 3 pills and still hasn't eaten breakfast yet (HORRAH!)*

Nov 17 12:32pm
Q here. Did you know, that the 16th was GRH's second anaversary? no? well, we found out a lil late ourselves. ^^; New comic by myself, and some new art. in the fanart section, and in My gallery
Msg from a Q who likes the new Harry Potter movie (Talk snake to me again^^)

Nov 4 [2:18pm]
Hey, its Neo. GRH is finally updated. Sorry for the long wait. Its just helluva ride I spose. Heh. The fox is currently taking driving classes (ya I know- scary). I got my learners on Halloween (talk about rocking eh? lol). *big sigh* So what was I for Halloween? "Perky Goth" suicide victom. ODed on pills and had a noose round my neck. My counter part was Q the "stereo typical goth" suicide victom. She cut her wrists and throat (I helped her with her makeup- I rock at slitting throats ^^). We thusly went drinking- and wow....I've never heard such loose mouths. Q had me by a leash on my spiked colar necklace. Ah, fun. Yep. Hope yer Halloween was bitch'n

*Msg from a Neo whose had better days* 

Aug 26th 7:51pm
This week's comic is for Bill.
Yep. an Update. One of Substance too! Rock on! This weeks comic is by me, and I beleive we have alot more coming soon! Yep! New surprizes, new characters(yes, weve said this before. bite me), and NEW staff!
In the Messagebored theres a lil discussion about Hecate's virtue..what do you think? Tease? or Tart? let us know. We're bored and dirtyminded.
Neo and I have been really busy working on The AsylumRPG And the SailormoonRPG Amalgamation. All you out there can help actually. If you know of a Sailormoon rpg, let them know about the Amalgamation! See ya all next week. Promis!
(Msg from A Q whos really freaking hungery)

July 14th 7:50pm
I'm Baaa-aaack. Breifly anyways. I'll be out of town for a few weeks soon. Yeah, Yeah, I know. shut up.
well, I'm not in the best of moods tonight, So I'll be breif. Fanart updated. Comic by me. I think thats it.
(Msg from Q who is ....quite apathetic right now)

June 30 3:55pm
*walks in- cracks knuckles and clears throat* SPLIRT!
Yes, Q is still busy...*can hear a Q whimper from here* o.o...but she promises a comic soon! ^^ So no worries!
I'm finally getting to work on more pages of CrazyAngels! So all is good!
And speaking of good- isn't school wonderful! So much useless knowledge and info of dates, numbers, facts and geographical crap being shuved into one cranial container! ^-^ Orgasmic isn't it people! Yes. Yes it is.
*Msg from a Neo who's proud of her 3rd update in a row! ^^*

June 24 1:20pm *Looks left- looks right- clears throat* Since Q is curently busy with a friend over- I *Neo* have updated once again! ^^; I've been on a real GRH comic kick and have pumped out enough strips to last me for o.O well...EVER! *shakeshakeshake*
This time I hope everything goes smoothly >< I shouldn't be aloud to update by myself...*keenspace GLARES at Neo*
*Msg from a Neo who wonders if she's finally user friendly*

May of some date and time
*TWitch*...this would be the third time...fourth..fith..SIXTHSSOMETHING! I've written this newsupdate! DAAH!! DIE KEENSPACE!! *twitch* Well...this is Neo's 2nd update...yay...yaay..yay..yaaa
Next update expect new fanart by Reepi...yaaay Reepi...*twitch*...okaay...woo..Q is off on a family I might have to do the next GRH update..but she'll be home prolly no worries *hopefully*...*twitch*...PLEASE WORK KEENSPACE!!!
*Msg from a VERY un-keenspace user friendly Neo*

May 26 9:50pm
I've escaped from the horrific closet! ..I'll spare you all the "out of the closet" joke.
well, looks like we got GRH down to a system now!this weeks comic is by myself, and if you're confused, go to the page stated on the comic.
There is new art by Reepicheep-chan again in the fanart section, and two images by myself. I also came across A Review from Blue Dragon Online Comic Resource. He has some interesting Theories about Hecate and Crussifix's relationship. a transcript will be posted in the forum.
(Msg from a Q who had a scarey ass dream last night)

May 21 1:10am
Yay! Hey! This is *Neo*! My very first update! Yes. I, Neo; kidnapped, drugged and tied up Q and hid her in my closet. Thusly I took over GRH! *snicker* Nah- we; Q and I, decided to finally split the weight of GRH. (Learning of keenspace and tags- YAY!) Its not hard once ya get to know it.
Well this comic was inspired by many a thing that "urked" me as well. Ah, the joys of death when your already dead! I myself have wanted to take a gun to my head- well not always just _my_ head. *G*
Well much things are being updated and order is being bestowed apon the hall's of GRH to make it fast and more efficiant for all students. Yahoo group was added for GRH discussions, questions, comments and or whatever crosses your wicked minds. I've updated the fanart (yay!) and Q has updated the links. I soon (or have) updated my bio.
So all is good!
*Msg from a Neo who has now finally been heard!*

May 13th, 4:56pm
This is gonna be a controvercial post...some of our readers will like, some wont, some will be indifferent and just see the humor.
first off, I'll just say these are my (Q) views and are not reflected on Neo,dont complain to her about it.
despite the art of this page, and my comics, and my other pages. I am not an Otaku. I have said it many times. yes I like some anime, yes i read some manga, yes there was a time I Was an otaku, I will admit it. But then I took a step back, looked at my stuff a touch more objectivly, looked at other anime fans...and realized how idiotic we all sounded.
the way you portrey yourself on the net can be as importaint as how you portrey yourself in the real world. I choose to portrey myself as a crazy,psychotic bitch. this is my choice, and I find it to be more respectful then someone whom tries too hard to conform to a subculture of-..forgive me but- children.
I lost alot of respect for certain lists,groups, rps and clubs I was in because the collective "otaku" maturity was that of a thirteen year old.
A word of caution. If you're gonna email GRH, type it maturely, and sensibly. "sugoi" and "kawaii" are not english words. there are only two "O"'s in "cool". and "=^._.^=" are a bunch of characters. not a "kawaii neko-chan".
(Msg from a Q who's seen one too many Otaku-isms in her email)

May 5th, 12:00am
Hi. I saw Spiderman!
I am infuriated over the Elfwood Reveiw Bored lately. so much so that I ranted in my Livejournal. This weeks comic is by neo.
(Msg from An ERB spiting Q)

Apr 28th, 9:00pm
Sorry for the lack of comic last week. that was cause I had company, andcouldnt do the site. but this weeks comic is by me. *blinks at her current selection of music*....i never thought that the beatles would be responcible for my listening to the most horrific thing ever...*refering to revolution 9*.......*shivers*....then add to the fact that Charles Manson was inspired by this song..well..the creep-fest continues.....
enjoy the comic

Apr 14th, 3:02pm
Due to the recent suckyness of Sailormoon RPG's, Neo and I put our brains together over the last three days and came up with this Click it. click it NOW YOU PUKESTAIN!!.
In other news, this weeks comic by neo.
(Msg from a Q who's listening to Alice cooper....*sings along to Jackknife Johnny..*)

Apr 7th, 1:36pm
As you can see, GRH has a new look! I will be working on it over the next few days/weeks/whatever. gimme imput on it. Imput is always welcomed! ^^.
A Girl Called Kermit has a cafepress store now. buy things!
Anywho, Comic by me.
(Msg from a Q whom last night, broke AGCK's keen account, and just fixed it an hour ago. YAY HER!!!)

Mar 23rd,11:13pm
Wow, what a week for webcomics it has been here. I know noone knows what I'm talking about, and I wont get into spacifics. All I'll say is it is sad when people feel they have to compomize there origonality or dignaty for popularity. It's also very sad that friendships can be lost over very trite things. Great things- comics, stories, chracters, freindships, conversations- have been lost because of lack of respect, dignaty, or compomise. Just think- how would you feel, if you were on receiving end of these actions?
anywho- new comic by neo.
(*msg from a lethargic Q who's been listening to three 80's rock songs over and over and over- "blaze of Glory" "wanted dead or alive" and "Juke Box hero"*)

Mar 2nd, 5:15pm
Everything is good. a new comic yet again by me,Q. This comic is based off a true story at our high school. there was an artical on gay and Bisexual students, and one student asked to be anon. He was so anon that his full name was printed, accompanied by a huge picture of him sitting on the stairwell railing. t'was very humourous.
(Msg from Q who's been listening to Lots of Travleing Wilburys...TWEETER AND THE MONKEYMAN!!)

Feb 23th 3:15pm
A comic by me, Q. YAY!^^
two new fan images by Tasia..
I feel, Q, The Alice cooper freak has been listneing to...SHAKIRA!! I knew I was a disturbed indevidual but ...GOD!
(Msg from Q who listning to ....UW! Prodigy came on. Im saved!!)

Feb 16th 4:01pm
Ok, there's a comic by me, Featuring Nort from Ghastly's Ghastly comic, it was the best i could do, without any photoshop or scanner. Yep, that was all done in paint. it was a bitch.
(Msg from a Q whos not home and hungery)

Feb 10th 2:54pm
ok, no new comic, but there _is_ two new works of art, one by Q, and one by megs in the gift art section! Some broken images were fixed, as were some broken library links. that's really all the news there is, sorry all,
(Msg from a Q whos listening to trippy music)

feb 3rd 12:17am
.....ok, those who want to kick my lazy ass, take a number and line up behind the velvet rope. Sorry all, I know it's been forever, but my living arrangement has currently been a mess, and when i do have FTP access and stuff, ...Im a lazy ass crapstain and dont wanna work on GRH, you see, A Girl Called Kermit just got its Keen account, so I've spent the last week moving it. BUT IM BACK!
Lesse, any news? not really. this weeks comic is by Neo, and it amuses me a great deal. IIIIT'S BAACK! thats right! I put the Lybrary back up! PRAISE ME!.
(Msg from a Q who....has to pee)

Dec 16 2:34pm
Well, Finally I updated. Im medicated. WEEE! Comic by me,Q.  seem a touch familiar? yeah, I thought so too.
Neo's been doin stuff! yay for Neo!!! Her bio's up! and shes been working on "foursakken "'s layout. Two new fan art pieces....I thiiiiiink thats it.
(Msg from Q whos watched way too much invader zim last night "im gonna sing the Doom song. "Doomdoomdoomdoom
doomdoomydoomy!doomydoomydoom! doom! doomdoomdooom!")

Dec 2 4:28pm
Well, on November 16th, GRH has been on the net for a full year! God. when you look at everything thats happened, im quite proud we made it!
this weeks Comic is by Neo. and in the Lockers section, thanks to Shane, a GRH fan, there is a new activity! Click to see what it is!
(Msg from a Q a sec)

Nov 25 4:52pm
Ok, The pages are loading quickly, YAY!
This weeks comic is by Neo.
OH! we've a new Keenspace Q has a new comic out. one done all by her Lonesome, and has applied for a keenspace account for it. A Girl Called Kermit ~ A comic about the Sicker things in life. Links updated with more comics, including ones by the GRH crew.
Mmm..I think thats it
(Msg from a Q who spent many many hours reading about Murderers. Lizzy Borden Took  an  ax and gave her mother forty whacks! when she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty one...)

Nov 18 5:21 pm
Not much to say
New comic from me
I like the song "Chop Suey"
I'm the letter Q.
(Msg from Q)

Nov 13 !2:05 am
Ok, dont hurt me....oh holy HELL! Again, I've BARELY been home this week. I totally and compltetly forgot about updating the damn comic o.o...I am SO sorry.
ok...this weeks comic is by me, and was put together in 2 minuts. sorry it sucks. dont hit me. Last weeks comic was by Neo.
the funny thing is, GRH has been on my mind most the week. A few new fanfics are in the works! one by Q, and one by Both Q and Neo...but we cant tell you about them, they're a surprize. In an effort to make this damn page Load faster, there's now a Link to Joining the Mailing list.
(Msg from A Q Whos Listened to Good Charlotte's "the Click" waaaayy too much this week *Sings* "You go out on friday night, Ill stay home but thats alright cause I have found a clique to call my owwwwwn!!")

Oct 18 12:25pm
ok...sliiiightly different look to the site, trying to get this baby to load faster. it had a habit of stopping just after the mailing list window, then finish about a minut later.
I have uploaded two comics, done by me, which will  be shown this week and the next. I was bored tonight. Comming soon...fuck I say that alot..ok..supposidly comming soon, is a rants section, along with a new KEENSPACE message board!! YAAAAAAAAAY!
More conversations are gonna start in our old Mesageboard, simply because...well..We need your help people!! GO to the message board and give your imput! please!

OH! I did a guest comic for KarvaKomix (adults only,please)

Oct 10 4:40pm
Well...We're Back!...sorta....some links will lead to "under construction pages..but we're back!
Please Update your bookmarks...
The site design is thanks to Ghastly of "Ghastly's Ghastly Comic" him!! things will be slow here for a bit, but please, dont give up on us! we're still holding on!

What happened:
...Dreamwater deleted our site without rhyme or reason...kill them.
(Msg from A Q whos high on tea)

Aug 20 12:21am
New comic by Q, note, I so encridibly BS'ed my 733t 5|<I|_|_Z....i cant even read what I just typed.... something new is comming to the Locker, and Neo's art will be uploaded in the next few days. if you're planing on submitting a fanfic/fanart/guest comic, please, read the rules *points to "Submitting Stuff"*
(Msg from Q who was....Q)

Aug12 5:40pm
A new Hecate Fic by Q. a comic by neo...umm.....not much to say.
Remember about our forums and such, and that GRH is fully interactive, with guest comics alowed, fanfics, on and on it goes. Come on people, sho us that you are alive out there!!^_^ (msg from...Q)

Aug 5 2:49pm
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Both neo and I whent on vacation and could not update is a comic finally, by Neo Fox.
There are two new drawings by me.
Comming soon...a GRH quiz!
(Msg from a Q whos back from california, and rested, WEE!)

July 7 11:32pm
*twitch*....*TWITCH!* I...Have watched...That Blasted Barney Video too MANY TIMES!!!!! this comic  is my catharsis...I will also dedicate this comic to my sister, her husband and their son...he hates the vid as much as I do....though, I suppose I should thank it, its bloody insperational.
Check out the activites, the fanfic section is up, along with whatever's in the "Locker" section.
Congradulate us, this is Graveriver High's twentith strip!!(Msg from a Q that just ate a barbeque dinner)

July 4 11:37pm
*ahem* this is a great time for GRH...... three words. "its" "finally" "up". *points to "library"
(Msg from a Q who html'ed for no frikkin reason to get "it" up....that sounds sick o.O)

July 3 8:53pm
well..its happend. theres a new section added to, its not fanart...Click on "Locker"  to findout what it is. MWAHAHAHAH oh, and dont forget to cheak out Four Sakken
(msg from a sneaky Q)

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