Thank you to
(in no _real_ particular order)

Atheris- Creator of PSynn and Eve
For being one of the origonal four

Kat-Chan- Creator of Breeanne and Kate
For being one of the origonal four

For all of your Support and being there in the beginning

Ms Peplow
For Createing the concept of GRH, Founding our High School's comic book club, and everything else! thank you again!!

Mr Pope,the Journalizem Class, and The Eddy
For Publisheing GRH in the school paper, all two of em ^-^;; thanks again for correcting the typo's and such in the issue after.

Ghastly of Ghastly's Ghastly Comic
Oh  god...the things this man has done for us! The etching like pics on the index were by him, he's uploaded all comics, got all the keenspace tags working, and asks for nothing in return. thank you SO much Gas-leak!

For sticking with the comic through thick and thin, from elfwood to where we are now, supporting us and greatly encourageing us. I truely beleive you're our biggest fan

Second biggest fan. actually submitted fanart without being asked. 3 pics!!

That chick in neo's class
For saying Hecate was cool

Dave Kelly of Living in Greytown
For adding a perverted twist with just one comment

Krazy Larry creator
For enjoying GRH with orange flavoured TANG

Patrick Shaunessy of Triangle and Robert!!^-^

For letting GRH have a small gallery for a few short months, letting our fanbase grow

All the Link exchanges and  archives and search engins we have

To Ozzy Osborne, Alice Cooper,Rob Zombie, Rolling Stones, Guns N` Roses, Janes addiction,Annie Lennox Blue Oyster Cult, Phil Collins, Liz Phair, BloodHound gang
For making very insperational music.

Everyone on the Mailing list

Everyone who submitted fanworks!

The fans
There have been times when all that stood between GRH and the perverbial Toilet of Oblivion was the thought a handful of people actually read GRH. Thank you all so very very much.

And anyone else we may have forgotten