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GraveRiver High, or GRH, is a school unlike any other. The students are everything from goths to wanna be's to the ever obnoxious Hommies...with a twist. It's not uncommon to see a firedancing drama queen, a geek serenading her tormentors, or a skid baying at the moon. The school itself is built on the bank of Grave River, which flows over what was once, a cemetery. It is expected to expect the unexpected in the Town of GraveRiver.

Comic for Sunday , December 7 , 2003


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Dec 7 03 [8:30pm]
Hitting down the shift key does not work when you type a number. Yeap. I hear this is one of the better ways to start rumours. No, not randomly shouting out things about people- hitting down the shift key! pfft, dumbass.
*Msg from a Neo whose full of grillcheeze*

Nov 29th 11:25pm
Not much to say...comic by me. *chuckles* No-Armed makes Horny seem intelligent. Yes. Laugh.
Um..yes...I don't think I've anything to say.
*Msg from a Q who just belched*

Nov 23 03 [12:13pm]
The original begginning of this strip was "MASTERBATION ROCKS!". But in inking it on my computer I missed it. Apparently this is funnier; more random. Yeap.
Damnit I need a longer weekend.
*Msg from a Neo who likes fire*

Nov 16th 2003 7:54pm
Well, as I was saving this weeks comic, something smacked me in the face: The date. On this day in history, three years ago, GraveRiver High made its online debute. Kick ass huh?
New art by Q, and new fanart in the art room section.
So, this week's comic is by Q, and inspired by the show OZ. Watch OZ. Rent it. Relish in the assrape!
(Msg from A Q full of Chicken and pee-pee)

Nov 7
Q did update last week with a Halloween strip she just didn't have time to make a update post. BUT ITS THERE!
Anyway- as you can see GRH has been trimmed and given a bit of a makeover. Well dued too. More to come we assure you. The roll call is getting a bit cracked and dry with age. But anyway-
masterbate- its good for you!
*Msg from a Neo whose happy for a four day weekend!*


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